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Dual Yellow Skin Laser Treatments 

The Copper Bromide DUAL YELLOW laser emits yellow light which is absorbed by blood vessels (red and pink pigmentation in the skin) and green light which is absorbed by Melanin (brown pigmentation in the skin). Each colour of light can be used independently, or in combination. The dual Yellow Laser is able to treat a variety of conditions. These include:

 Brown spots: freckles, flat moles
 Blood vessels: broken capillaries, rosacea, cherry spots and birthmarks
 Solid lesions: seborrhoeic keratoses, moles, skin tags and benign papules
 Pink stretch marks
 Sundamaged skin on face, neck, chest and backs of hands
 Pore size, skin texture and fine lines.

 Almost all skin types can be treated for the conditions mentioned above. Each person's response is different depending on a variety of factors including skin type, colour intensity, type and depth of the lesions to be treated.

​Single treatment

​Package of 6

​Facial laser skin rejuvenation £250.00  

​Facial laser skin rejuvenation £1,250.00

Vascular treatment £150.00

​Vascular treatment   £750.00

Acne treatmetn £150.00

​Acne  treatment £750.00

Pigmentation treatment £175.00

​Pigmentation  treatment £875.00

Bulky lesions treatment £150.00

​Melasma treatment £875.00

Melasma treatment£175.00

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